Congratulations on taking a giant step towards greater coherence!

World Integrity Space Harmonizer (WISH) Mind

The World Integrity Space Harmonizer (WISH) is like an advanced “tuning fork” for your life. By sending out harmonious waves of coherent energy it calms and aligns the chaos that continuously bombards you, making it possible for you to express your fullest potential and greatest good.

The WISH is not a medical device and thus we make no medical claims regarding its use. Coherent Spaces Inc. does however engage in on-going research regarding the natural and organic changes that occur when coherence is supported.

All shipping is done through FedEx. If you live in the US, Canada, or Mexico, there is no shipping fee. If you live outside these three countries a shipping fee of $100.00 will automatically be added to your purchase order.

NOTE: Your purchase is nonrefundable. If per chance, there is a manufacturing issue with your WISH unit, please contact You will be sent a FedEx return label and your unit will be replaced.