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Coherent Spaces has established a network of satellite dish antennas in three states that are repurposed to broadcast the WISH pattern around the world. Randy, the inventor of the WISH technology, has a 10-foot satellite dish that has been broadcasting this coherent pattern continuously over the last 25 years. 

The company’s logo is supercharged with the satellite and thus is interconnected with all logos and units. The WISH units come with a 3 D version of the logo that acts as a stand which also continuously charges the logo.

While waiting on your WISH unit to arrive or a means of getting a taste of the energy of WISH, everyone is authorized to print copies of the Coherent Spaces logo found below. Doing so allows you to receive the WISH coherence broadcast for free.

Displaying the Coherent Spaces logo alone has reported positive effects on people, animals, and plants. Owning the WISH unit presents a higher fidelity version and covers a 2000- 3000 sq ft. space.

The WISH units and logos are synergistic and interconnected therefore you can help us grow the worldwide coherent collective intelligence just by owning a WISH and or displaying the Coherent Spaces logo. Thank you in advance!



Simply print off a few copies of the logo and place them in the rooms of your space. You can also place one in your car, in your wallet/purse or slide it in your pocket to carry with you. For those who are sensitive, you will notice that the logo alone can start to calm your space and begin to create coherence and deeper presence. Others notice that there is a lot of information in the logo’s star. You can try tapping into the star too. The logo is by no means a substitute for the WISH, but it is a means to start connecting to its energy while you wait for yours to be delivered.


Coherent Spaces is a research based company and as such we are learning, along with you, new applications for the WISH units all the time. As these units represent a consciousness, please know that your experiences with the units help to increase the potentials for others.

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