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The Coherent Spaces, Inc. co-founders are Dr. Cristina Robinson, Suzy Miller, and Dr. Doug Matzke. Coherent Spaces was launched in 2022 to apply a high-level integrity of science, spirit, and business practices to help mankind. The Coherent Spaces team members are divinely inspired professionals and agreed that now is the time to bring the harmonizer technology to market as the WISH (World Integrity Space Harmonizer) unit for personal and professional use. No other product is like the WISH unit. It’s quantum resonance forms an environment or “Coherent Space” that represents a collective group intelligence which supports each person’s highest good. What this translates into is peace and harmony, higher function within your body and spaces, and an improved quality life.

Coherent Spaces licensed the 30-year-old harmonizer technology from inventor Randy Ziesenis, who was inspired by a large group consciousness to help people with harmonizer technology and supporting Coherent Spaces. The company licensed this “quantum resonance” technology to be used by the general population to create coherent spaces for personal and professional use. The integrity of the Coherent Spaces team, business agreements and manufacturing process makes the current WISH unit a resonant beacon even when the power is off. All aspects of the people, product, manufacturing, and business practices calibrate very high on the Stephen Hawking scale of enlightenment.

The development and licensing of his resonance technology has specifically focused on commercial applications of imprinting water for cosmetics, filtered water, oil industries and other products. The key to the successful improvement and development of the harmonizer has been the ability to be guided by higher dimensional consciousness plus trade secret materials to stabilize and ground the vibratory technology.

This WISH resonance pattern is at the quantum resonance level, so it exhibits non-local behaviors, and is not limited by localized electromagnetic limits The WISH unit has a built-in group intelligence with the goal “for the highest good of all involved”, so each person gets individualized support of their own intentions, which is unique for every person.

The Coherent Spaces logo was designed to represent how the hyper-dimensional quantum resonance of the WISH unit interacts with the physical world, so the logo itself is a broadcast beacon of the WISH resonance. Each WISH unit is shipped with a 3D version of the logo, so all WISH units are continuously imprinting the logo.

Coherent Spaces is a research based company and as such we are learning, along with you, new applications for the WISH units all the time. As these units represent a consciousness, please know that your experiences with the units help to increase the potentials for others.

The WISH is not a medical device and thus we make no medical claims regarding its use. Coherent Spaces Inc. does however engage in on-going research regarding the natural and organic changes that occur when coherence is supported.

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