Coherent Spaces Privacy Policy

Who we are

The company name is Coherent Spaces, and our website is Coherent Spaces primarily operates out of Texas and the primary contact email This document describes the Coherent Spaces privacy policy. The privacy policy is regarding the sales and affiliates of our World Integrity Space Harmonizer (WISH) units.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We collect the minimum client contact information to support WISH sales and associate those sales with our affiliates program. We collect basic contact information of name, address, email, phone number and payment information for purchases. We do not collect or maintain any taxID information.


The affiliate’s program uses cookies to track the affiliate name through the sales process.


We can see the history of all sales and affiliates program tracking informationand these analytics are only used by Coherent Spaces personnel.      

Who we share your data with

We do not share your sales or associates’ contact data with anyone and is only used by the Coherent Spaces personnel for the purposes of WISH purchases and associates commission payments.

How long we retain your contact data

We maintain your sales history indefinitely and affiliate registration information for as long as you are a registered affiliate. Please contact us if there is a change of affiliate contact information.

Where your data is sent

The sales and affiliates’ contact information is maintained in the Coherent Spaces WordPress website and is not shared with any other website, organization or personnel.

Contact information

For change of address or privacy concerns contact Doug Matzke at

How we protect your contact data

Coherent Spaces web site uses industry standard security practices built-in to our WordPress website and we have a contractor who maintains our site security.

What data breach procedures we have in place

In the unlikely event of WordPress security breach of any contact information, we will notify our contacts.   

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