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One of very few who has a mind that inhales complex topics like quantum computing, entanglement theory, Higgs boson and hyper-dimensional math…and a moment later can be in a yoga class or singing in a men’s choir. Doug has been awarded nine patents and his longtime interest in metaphysics, energy and consciousness led to the publication of Deep Reality: Why Source Science May Be The Key To Understanding Human Potential written with physics icon Dr. William Tiller.

Dr. Doug Matzke

A pediatric speech pathologist turned integration specialist after a transformational experience with an autistic child changed her life. Suzy has a remarkable gift for telepathic communication and for helping people integrate and express every aspect of their truest Self. While her heart remains in her integration work, she has been highly influential in guiding educators, physicians and scientists to a much deeper understanding of how human consciousness can create the world we all know is possible.

Suzy Miller M.Ed.

A remarkably gifted holistic chiropractor, energy guide and intuitive, her insights are sought out by both health and business organizations alike. She owns and practices at her clinic in Texas, providing a full range of health care to patients of all ages. Dr. Cris demonstrates an uncanny ability to go right to the core of an issue, tapping directly into the body’s full healing potential, with a deep understanding of the correlation between the body, mind, and spirit for complete health and well-being.

Dr. Cristina Hartley

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