Do you also wonder what on earth is going on out there?

No matter where you look, it sure seems like the world is in a chaotic mixed-up mess. We spend about 90 percent of our lives in a defined space. House. Office. Shopping Mall. Hospital. School. Church. Airplane. Restaurant. You name it. Even those spaces can seem filled with unhappiness, divisiveness, anger, stress, discouragement and struggle.

Something silent, dangerous and pervasive is provoking global angst and disequilibrium, costing us dearly on every level – biologically, socially, psychologically, spiritually and economically.

One explanation, though it’s a hard one to grasp, is that the energetic environment of our world has gone amuck, creating a disconnect with who we are, how we think and what we are capable of being and doing. It may even be lowering our immune system. And how about that new area of research proving climate change is causing mental health issues? They’re calling it “eco-anxiety.”

The sad part is that no matter how positive we are personally, it is almost impossible to stay that way in environments or spaces that are energetically negative. No matter one’s understanding of cause, it’s limiting the potential and draining the joy out of life for so many people!

Fortunately, there is now a way to liberate places from chaotic, negative and disabling energy to become the places of unlimited possibilities they are meant to be.