Let us introduce you to the World Integrity Space Harmonizer

A (WISH) come true.

February 1, 2023

Announcing the launch of Coherent Spaces, Inc. and the release of the WISH (World Integrity Space Harmonizer) units for personal and professional use. The WISH technology has been in development over the last 30 years by Randy Ziesenis. This technology was created based on scientific evidence and divine insights, including connections to large networks of expanded consciousness. The goal of the WISH units is to help humanity to connect with their higher self for the greatest good of all. WISH is currently available in heart and mind-based models. Coherent Spaces, Inc. was founded in 2022 by Dr. Doug Matzke, Suzy Miller, and Dr. Cristina Robinson. Doug, Suzy and Cristina licensed Randy’s proprietary harmonizer technology, and are now offering the WISH units as a means to improve the quality of your daily life. Research data is consistently being gathered to further enhance both units.

How does the WISH work?

The WISH technology is scientifically developed and divinely inspired to create localized coherence for 2000-3000 sq-ft. that builds to positively impact all those who inhabit that space.  Since the WISH units work through quantum coherence with specialized compounds, the unit is continuously effective even when powered off. Randy discovered these specialized compounds and high-frequency crystals in 2000. The WISH units are for personal and professional uses. These are the only products on the market which contain this divinely inspired application of specialized designs, technologies, materials, and production integrity.

The original Mind WISH unit enables you to function at a higher intuitive level by diminishing the negative effects of stress, mental noise, and poor environments. The Mind unit calms your mental state and subsequently the brain’s unproductive firing patterns. Depending on your level of development, over time the Mind WISH unit, could help you raise your mind’s complexity and connect with higher states of consciousness.

The new Heart WISH unit supports a coherent, open and loving heart, which creates a peaceful and positive effect. We live in a complicated world and trauma can be a natural byproduct of simply living life. This unit relieves the stress which has built up in your heart’s energy field and positively directs coherent energy to flow through the circulatory system, subsequently balancing the whole body with loving energy.

 What can you expect from the WISH units?

The WISH is more than a simple intention. Through quantum resonance, it supports peace, calm, expanded function, and quality of life by quieting the chatter, noise, chaos, angst, confusion, anger and overwhelm of the heart and mind. By bringing chaos back into alignment, harmony and higher function, the mind and heart can coherently move through life situations with greater ease and in a healthier manner.

The wonderful thing is that once you begin to support past injury, trauma, damage, stress, and chaos, the units remember how to act and fire more coherent information to continuously deepen your process. Thus these affects will begin to persist even when you leave home or work without your WISH. This means that inner coherence will be supported when in the presence of the WISH and the benefits will ultimately continue when not in its presence.

We have been told that families with autistic children have reported immediate and amazing results, since the WISH unit helps provide a higher dimensional  space of calm and coherence allowing them and all populations to better regulate their experience. Think of the WISH unit as an aid that reconnects you to your higher self, your inner light and the inner voice that guides you on your journey.

The WISH units resonance, be it a heart or mind unit, enhances coherent inner connections and supports the reduction of non-coherent negative thoughts and emotions thereby helping you reach your highest capacity thus enhancing the greater good of all involved.

Due to the personal attunement process and WISH group consciousness, each WISH unit intelligently customizes the results based on each person’s highest good. Your results may surprise you, so follow your intuition and please share your findings with us Most people want to leave their WISH unit on 24 hours a day and miss it when it is off. We look forward to hearing all about all the positive changes that you experience with you WISH.

The WISH is not a medical device and thus we make no medical claims regarding its use. Coherent Spaces Inc. does however engage in on-going research regarding the natural and organic changes that occur when coherence is supported.


How does the Free Broadcast work?

The quantum coherence has non-local effects which enables us to also offer a free broadcast service using our specially designed logo along with our private network of repurposed satellite dishes. The broadcast sends out an advanced vibrational field, which includes The Creator’s resonance, continuously 24 hours a day in support of all living beings. For more information and how to access our free broadcast, click the button below!

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